Frequently Asked Questions About
Intelligent Indoor Clothes Drying Lines.



Q. What sizes do your intelligent indoor clothes drying lines come in?

A. The TopLine Clothes Lines come in 3 different base sizes, 80, 120 and 150cm, so there is a size to suit every laundry, and whether you are in a 1-bed unit or a 5-bedroom house, we offer a suitable laundry solution.


Q. What warranty does your product have?

A. We offer a 2 year parts and labour warranty on the unit and 5 years parts on the electric motor. TopLine products are vigorously tested for durability, with the mechanism being tested in the laboratory. Tests are carried out on the lift components and are tested continuously.


Q. What makes your clothes lines different?

A. Our clothes lines are innovative, using smart technology for simplicity of use. Our lines are used for indoor drying, so there are no messy looking airers on the balconies of apartment blocks, no washing lines on display on waterfront properties, no more floor space wasted with washing hanging on airers, just nice and tidy clothes lines keeping your wet clothes out of sight. Our lines can be used in out of the weather areas as well, so if you have an outdoor area that is suitable, you can take advantage of that space as well. Our clothes lines have a fan for cool drying and heater for warm air-drying, which makes our clothes lines unique in the Australian market.


Q. Do you deliver Australia-wide?

A. Yes, we have a comprehensive freight system to deliver to any address in Australia.


Q. Do you sell to homeowners or are TopLine products sold wholesale only?

A. We sell to everyone and have a warehouse with stock ready to deliver. Our clothes lines are very popular for those living in apartments, allowing you to dry your washing without upsetting the body corporate for having it out on the balcony.


Q. What safety features does the TopLine have?

A. TopLine has an overheating protection; this feature will turn the unit off if someone happens to overload it with too much weight. It will also turn off if it is continually put up and down. The unit will be operational again after 15 minutes.

The unit has a limiting switch that will only allow the unit to lift 35 kg.

The TL150 unit is also installed with a motion sensor when the UV lamp is on, if there is movement under the unit whilst the UV lamp is on, it will turn off automatically. The UV lamp will also turn off automatically after 30 minutes of use. There is also an automatic timer on the heater and fan; it will turn off after 3 hours if left on.

When the unit is lowered it has an obstacle sensor; it will stop lowering if it senses anything in the way.


Q. Are your intelligent indoor clothes drying lines easy to install?

A. Either a professional or a home handyman can easily install TopLine intelligent indoor clothes drying lines. As TopLine products need to be hardwired, it is recommended that you get a qualified electrician to complete the electrical installation.


Q. Can I put it outside?

A. TopLine intelligent indoor clothes drying lines can be installed outside as long as it is not in the weather. Check with your local electrician to make sure that it will be safe to install in the location that you want.


Q. How heavy is the unit?

A. The units are quite light, only weighing between 16 – 18kgs.


Q. Will my sheets fit on it?

A. Yes, with the extension poles you can put a queen size sheet on the TopLine 150.


Q. Why should I hang my clothes on a hanger?

A. If you hang your shirts or dresses on a hanger, you will reduce the amount of wrinkles in the clothes, making them easier to press.


Q. How is the clothes line operated?

A. You can control the functions of the clothes line with a remote control.


Q. What are your intelligent indoor clothes drying lines made out of?

A. They are made from strong lightweight aviation aluminium and stainless steel cabling.


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