Dryers are great, but they're not for everyone. They're expensive to run, and they take up valuable space in your home. More importantly, they use a lot of power which means more carbon emissions.

Air drying your clothes can be challenging because of unpredictable weather conditions like rain and strong winds. If you don't have an indoor clothesline set up or access to one nearby, this blog post is for you.

We'll explore how well hair dryers can work at drying your laundry without breaking the bank on electricity bills or contributing to climate change with too many carbon emissions. So it's time to get back into nature and enjoy air-drying while saving money on energy costs. 

Ready? Let's do it!

Some Advantages of Drying Clothes with A Hairdryer.

  •  They are portable and easy to use, making them very convenient if you're travelling and need to dry a piece of clothing.
  • It could quickly dry clothes because of the warm air.
  • Use a hairdryer to quickly and efficiently get clothing items like hats, socks, stockings, or other small pieces of garments dried. 
  • Bonus: When you want a quick fix for wrinkles, try using your clothes dryer. Just hold it about two inches away from the garment as you don't want to scorch any delicate fabrics and wait until it cools down enough before touching.


    Disadvantages of Drying Clothes with A Hairdryer

    • When you point the hairdryer on a single spot for too long, it can make your garment so hot that it could burn or catch fire.
    • If you apply too much heat to your garment, it can damage its fabric.
    • Drying thick materials can be time-consuming as well are large pieces of garments. 

      How to Dry Clothes with A Hairdryer?

      There Are Two Methods to Dry Clothes with A Hairdryer:
      1. If you're in a bind and need to dry your clothes indoors but don't have any clothesline, then the first method is perfect for you.
      • Wring the wet garment to remove excess water 
      • Put the hairdryer to warm or high setting
      • Place the garment flat on a dry surface
      • Hold the hairdryer close to the garment
      • Frequently move the hairdryer from one spot to another and blasting warm air from time to time
      • Steadily blowdry each side of the garment, inside out, until thoroughly dry. 
      • Please pay attention to the pockets, sleeves, and collars to make sure they are dried thoroughly.


      1. The second method of drying clothes using a hairdryer is just as simple, but you'll need to have a clothesline, so choose one that's right for you.
      • Wring the wet garment to remove excess water 
      • Hang the garment on the clothesline
      • Set the hairdryer to warm or high temperature
      • Hold the hairdryer close to the garment, approximately 2 inches away
      • Frequently move the hairdryer from one spot to another and blasting warm air from time to time
      • Working on each side at a time, steadily blowdry inside out until thoroughly dry.   


      Things to Remember: 

      • If you're using you're trying to speed up the drying process, it's essential not to hold it too close. It will put a lot of heat on your clothes and can cause irreversible damage. Therefore, keep some distance while still getting them dried quickly with light airflow from the hairdryer. Moreover, never point your hairdryer on a single spot for too long. It can cause the garment to become hot enough that it could start burning or catching fire, so you should keep rotating and switching up spots every few seconds instead of staying in one place with the air blowing directly onto just one area.
      • When drying a delicate piece of garment such as a lacy bra or underwear, pantyhose, etc., it is best not to apply too much heat because the fabric may get damaged and ruined. That's why it is always recommended to use cool air from your hairdryer instead of applying excessive heat. This way you can both save energy and keep your clothes in good condition. 
      • One major mistake to avoid when drying your garments is to do so while wearing them. It may seem like the best option for those in a rush, but you should never dry a wet spot on your clothing without taking it off first. It can lead to the fabric not getting any airflow, causing an even longer drying time than usual. It may also result in feeling a heat burn if you use your hairdryer on a high setting near sensitive skin areas like skirts or pants that are worn tightly against the body. 


      Final thoughts

      If you want to dry clothes quickly and efficiently, a hairdryer is not your best bet. They are too hot for clothing fibres which can lead to shrinkage or colour fading.

      Aside from that, it could also take up a lot of time since you could only dry a portion at a time. The best way to dry your clothes indoors is with the help of a quality indoor clothesline like Topline Clothes Line.

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