Are you loaded with a heaps of laundry work during the weekends? Does thinking of laundry work drain out all your energy and make you feel frustrated?

Do you want to do the laundry at your convenience, not the weathers?

An Indoor clothesline could come to your rescue in a situation such as these. 


What Is An Indoor Clothesline?


An indoor clothesline is any method of drying your clothes inside, from simple nylon rope or cord tied between two points to wall and ceiling mounted lines that are used to dry clothes inside your home. If you don't have any backyard at home to dry clothes or are worried about the sudden rain that would drench your clothes, then an indoor clothesline is your best option.


Reasons You Might Need An Indoor Clothesline Today.

As stated earlier, the ease of use and its functionality make an indoor clothesline a must in every household. Whether you stay in an apartment or an individual house with a backyard; it has become imperative to install an indoor clothesline in today's day to day life.

Here is the list of the reasons why you should get one for your home today:

  • If you don't have a backyard to use an outdoor clothesline
  • Do you work and don't have time to watch over your washing when it is bad weather?
  • Do you often use the tumble dryer to dry your clothes? 
  • Are you one of those who would like to keep the original quality of the fabric intact? 
  • Have you tried multiple methods to dry the clothes and keep them odour-free but failed miserably?
  • Wondering why your newest of clothes are showing the signs of wear and tear 
  • Hate the wrinkled look of the clothes after tumble drying
  • Fed-up with the noise of the tumble dryer 
  • Want to avoid the repair cost that your tumble dryer puts you through half-yearly


An indoor clothesline has more advantages on its side when compared to an electric tumble dryer. When you see so many advantages, why not install one today?


Benefits Of An Indoor Clothesline:

Installing an Indoor clothesline would reap a bundle of benefits. Let's list them out for better understanding:


Cheaper Electricity Bills:

Choosing an indoor clothesline can help you save unnecessary expenditure on your electricity bills. It is the most energy-saving option and eco-friendly too. In case you thought installing the indoor clothesline would be expensive, then you got it wrong. Depending on the type that you want to install, cost is minimal, and some models you can install it yourself.



Using an Indoor clothesline would promote less carbon footprint, which would help conserving nature and turn the world into a greener place to live. According to an Australia survey, clothes dryers or the household emission of CO2 can be reduced to 3.3% by just adopting a line drying the clothes for half a year. So, imagine the amount of energy you can save if the indoor clothesline method is adopted for a year.  


Keeps The Freshness Of Clothes:

An indoor clothesline helps to protect the fabric and gives it a fresh look. The clothes don't look crumpled and are easier to press. 


Gentle On Clothes:

Drying clothes on the clothesline would also keep the clothes in good condition. You wouldn't find any wear and tear due to the tumble dryer, nor would the clothes look worn out. At times tumble dryers harm the clothes and buttons are pulled out, or the zippers are torn, due to excess heat the clothes original softness is reduced and shrinking may occur. Drying clothes on the indoor clothesline would keep your clothes in good condition.


Avoid Fire Risks:

It is accounted that close to thirty-eight per cent of households leave the dryers on before going to bed or stepping out of home for work. Keeping the dryers on can lead to fire accidents, and it is recorded that many homes in Australia have reported such incidents. By drying clothes with the help of an indoor clothesline, you could keep your family and home safe.

The list above are just a few of the advantages that you can gain by installing an indoor clothesline; you can see many more if you choose to install an indoor clothesline today. 



Why Is The Topline Clothesline Is Australia's Preferred Indoor Clothesline?

Topline Indoor Clothesline is a trusted brand, and they are in the business for over a decade. The company believes in smart technology with a blend of traditional touch to their products. 

Most notable features of the Topline Clothesline:

  • The Indoor clotheslines are easy to install
  • They are very innovatively designed and suit those who stay in apartments, flats or smaller houses. 
  • The clothesline can handle laundries of different sizes
  • These can be lowered easily by anyone who is old and is stuck in a wheelchair. 
  • It can accommodate close to 35 kg of clothes or, say, in numbers close to 70 garments at a time. 
  • These are the most economical anyone can afford, and they help you reduce your electricity bill.

In case you are looking for a reliable brand that you can trust for its quality and durability, check out our Topline Indoor clothesline.

While you are thinking of your indoor clothesline, you can also buy additional accessories that can come in handy when you have a huge pile of clothes to dry.

  • Hangers:

Hangers can be a handy accessory to add to your indoor clothesline. You can hang the shirts and the dresses and make space for the towels and bedspreads.

  • Umbrella Hangers:

Umbrella hangers make a good add-on when you have toddlers at home; tiny little clothes can be hung on these hangers, making space for your office wear.



Final Thoughts

Say goodbye to the daily laundry pains, install your indoor clothesline today and enjoy drying the clothes. Next time you see huge electricity bills, clothes in a wrinkled state, shine of the garment lost, don't regret not installing an indoor clothesline at home.