Fresh Clothes Make You Feel Fresh All Day.

After a long shower or a beautiful fragrance in the bubble bath, you may want to wear that unique, comfy shirt and relax. But do the clothes in your wardrobe, or even the freshly done laundry, smells weird, and does that make you feel disappointed? Don't worry or feel embarrassed as it is a common phenomenon experienced by people everywhere. This problem becomes more pronounced when the rainy season hits our country, and we cannot do laundry for days on end.  

There are many reasons for smelly clothes even after you wash the same thoroughly. You know you have a problem, and there is always a solution. We realize that such problems may have simple solutions, and you should tackle the same root cause. We will discuss the various reasons and their solutions.  


Dry the clothes properly.

Does it sound like some advice from your grandmom to you? 

Are you very busy these days? Working from home may have made you forget that you left a load of laundry in the machine long after You washed them. The dampness creeps into the fabric, and the clothes absorb the smell. Even when you dry them, the smell may last for a long time. 

So that is the first step. Take the clothes out immediately once the laundry cycle is over. Hang them to dry in an open space. If an outside area is not possible, then use indoor clotheslines. You can use modern clotheslines with fans and dryer features. This will make your clothes crisper and fresh smelling.

Small tips will help you in attaining better results like your mom used to. 

  • Spread the clothes evenly, without leaving them bunched.
  • Try a sunny patch or a dry room inside with ventilation. 


Iron and keep the clothes inside.

The clothes may smell of mildew at times, even inside the cupboard, then you may have put them inside even before drying completely. It happens quite often when we are in a hurry to finish a task at hand and get back to work or whatever else we want to do more. Remember to dry the clothes well and use an iron if possible, and your clothes will be fresh and nice to touch.


Your machine may need a thorough cleaning.

Sometimes the clothes come out smelling bad and musty from the machine. This means only one thing that you need to dry the machine and clean it thoroughly. You can use the empty machine on a warm cycle regularly to keep it free of smells and mildew. Another reason may be that the machine has a layer or the buildup of repeated different detergents. Use only the right appropriate detergents and only in the prescribed amounts. The machine should be allowed to dry between the washes. Leave the door slightly open after taking out a load of clothes instead of closing it back immediately. It would be best if you also used a laundry basket to keep dirty clothes. Do not stuff dirty clothes in the washing while waiting for it to fill. The smell and dampness of dirty clothes will spread to all the clothes.


Use the right detergent and softener.

The right kind of detergent in the right quantity is essential for clothes to smell good. Use a softener in the right compartment. You can use vinegar or lemon juice for the last rinse, as advised by the housekeeping columns. But read the labels on the clothes carefully. Read the instructions for the machine, including various cycles, before using any astringent agent. Some clothes may fade with this treatment, and you should wash such loads separately. Some detergents have a high proportion of fragrance and may leave a cloying residue in the machine after repeated use. 


Wash workout clothes separately.

Another important reason could be that you wash the sweaty workout clothes already stinking with the regular load, spreading the clothes' smell. So separate the loads as the first step. Secondly, you can rinse the sweaty clothes with lemon or salt or soda bicarbonate before washing them with other clothes. This will prevent the damp smell from sticking to the clothes. 


You can use a dehumidifier.

This is another innovative idea to keep the clothes smelling fresher. You can use an electric fan and heater in the room where you are drying the clothes. Simultaneously, use pouches of dehumidifying gel/ sachets / or aroma filled sachets of potpourri in the cupboards. You can also use sachets filled with camphor or cloves and cinnamon to keep the clothes smelling fresh and fragrant. Then even after repeated washes, the clothes will come out smelling fresh as the fibres absorb the odour of the atmosphere surrounding them – sweaty bodies or clean cupboards with a beautiful aroma. 


Final Take away words:

We are sure that these small tricks and tips will help you feel more comfortable with the clothes you regularly wear to work or workouts. With a little attention paid to the small details, you can make the clothes last longer and smell better.