The wet winter season brings a lot of problems in drying laundry to residents in Perth. Unpredictable weather condition prevents families from drying clothes outside. Higher humidity and cool weather make drying clothes more difficult in the winter. The best solution to this problem is to use an indoor pull-out clothes line for laundry. You will get fresh and smell-free clothes to wear daily. 


Why is retractable clothesline a good buy in winter in Perth? 

The rainfall is more frequent in the winter season in Perth. The weather is cool and humid. Residents face difficulty in drying clothes due to rain. In this condition, cloth dryers have dominant use while drying clothes inside your home. But, the traditional electric cloth dryers are power-savvy and cumbersome to deplete your monthly budget on frequent use. Avoid a high-power utility bill by selecting the retractable clothesline from Topline Clotheslines for drying clothes in the winter months. The energy-efficient electric clotheslines save your money and time in drying laundry. 

Moreover, our clotheslines come with many features and technology to make cloth drying an effortless process. Let us look at the vital elements of our electric cloth dryers: 

  1. Dry clothes inside your home 

The first benefit of selecting our clothesline is to dry clothes inside your home. The indoor washing line enables you to dry clothes anytime without worrying about the weather condition—no need to go under the sun to air dry your clothes.

  1. Easy to install and operate 

Our cloth dryers come with intelligent features and technology. They can mount to the ceiling and wall for use. Operating the washing line is effortless. Control everything with remote buttons, from height adjustment to mode changes. There will be a minimum manual interference of the device after installation. 

  1. Lightweight and occupy less space 

The traditional cloth dryers are heavy and occupy more space inside the room. However, our clotheslines are light and stylish. They occupy less space and blend well with the interior of your home. Made from heavy-duty stainless steel and aluminium, they can bear up to 35 kg weight. It means the dryer will be enough to dry clothes for a family. 

  1. Dry clothes seamlessly 

The retractable clothes line gives two options for drying clothes to users. The heater blows warm air, enabling you to dry large wet clothes. The inbuilt fan gives a terrific air blow to dry clothes slowly. The UV lamp sanitises laundry to be free from germs and pathogens. As a result, you will get fresh and moisture-free garments daily. 


Are you facing problems drying laundry in winter? 

Our smart clotheslines are a top choice for customers to dry clothes in humid and mild winter in Perth. Our experts have worked hard to create a suitable solution to this problem.

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