Adelaide has a Mediterranean climate with mild wet winters and hot dry summers. The rainy season starts from May 4 to September 29 with a 18% chance of rainfall on any given day. June is the wettest month of Adelaide despite being one of the driest capitals of Australia. According to the Bureau of Metrology, Adelaide received 106.4 mm of rainfall in the month of June in 2021.

In this condition, you can't think of drying clothes outside under the sun. Indoor clotheslines are the right choices to avoid the stress of being caught in the rain while drying clothes. The best solution to this problem is to use indoor clothes lines. You can hang clothes to dry after installing the clotheslines on the ceiling or wall. It solves the dampness and bad smells issues from clothes with gradual drying inside the room. 

6 benefits of choosing our smart clotheslines

Want to get a seamless laundry drying experience? The electric washing lines from Topline clothesline are the right choices. They possess modern technology to make your laundry drying an effortless process inside your home. The washing lines are easy to install on a wall or ceiling. They are convenient to use at home with easy installation in a small space. Let us look at the 6 compelling features of a ceiling mounted washing line: 

  1. Inbuilt Electric Heater and Fan 

The smart clothes come with an inbuilt electric heater for warm air drying. The warm air dries towels, sheets and other clothes fast. Apart from the heater, it is fitted with a fan to blow cool air. Users can decide whether to dry their laundry in warm or cool air blows. 

  1. Safety Cut Out Switch 

Every year many fire accidents occur while drying clothes on a heater in Australia. The heater catches fire due to overheating and malfunctioning. However, the ceiling mounted clothes line comes with a safety cut-out switch. The switch turns off the heater after three hours of continuous use. That makes this device safe for users. 

  1. Kills viruses and bacteria 

Clothes remain damp and moist after drying inside the room to be a host of various germs. But, there is no need to worry about the microscopic virus and bacteria while using our washing lines. The device comes fitted with a UV lamp that sanitises clothes by killing pathogens. That makes the cloth hygienic and free from any disease-causing germ.

  1. Easy to install and operate 

The ceiling mounted washing line is easy to install and operate at home. The clothesline has adjustable height to be comfortable in use. The wireless remote control allows everything to regulate by clicking on a button. There is no need to waste time on installation and operation. 

  1. Pegless clips 

Drying baby clothes is a challenge for family members. The pegless clips on our washing line will ensure clothes remain on the dryer. After all, baby clothes will remain secured at a place in drying. 

  1. Suitable for a family 

The washing can hold up to 35 kgs of laundry. That is enough for a family to dry clothes without going outside. Moreover, they are economical with lower power consumption. As a result, there will be low electricity bills despite drying the laundry. 

Our smart clotheslines are useful to dry clothes in rainy and winter season in Adelaide easily.

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