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Households consume so much energy in drying washing with a clothes dryer. The electricity bill keeps rising with the clothes dryer usage at home. The use of clothes dryers and heaters increases in the winter and rainy seasons. There needs to be more sunlight to dry clothes in the open air. Higher humidity inside the room takes more time for clothes to dry. As a result, clothes often have a foul smell and are musty due to the prolonged time required in the drying process. 

How to dry your clothes fast in the winter season? The brilliant indoor clotheslines of our company are the right choices for you. The intelligent clothesline is energy efficient and runs on remote-controlled buttons. Let us see why intelligent clotheslines are ideal choices to dry your washing in winter and rainy seasons: 

  1. Easy to install and run 

The first benefit of choosing our indoor clothesline is easy installation. Clotheslines are mountable on the ceiling or walls according to your convenience and space. Moreover, clotheslines are easy to run with remote control buttons and automatic functioning capabilities. The lines are safe for use.

  1. Energy efficient 

As stated above, dry washing with dryers and heaters piles up the electricity utility bills of your house. Reduce the electricity bill by using energy-efficient products at home. Our innovative ceiling-mounted washing line will consume less energy but can perform many functions. Thus, you can save money that is necessary for running ordinary clotheslines. 

  1. Modern technology for fast drying 

The main advantage of choosing our clotheslines is the availability of modern technologies. We are the first company to embed modern technologies in the clothesline. The retractable clothesline is fitted with a fan and a heater to dry washing faster. The warm air from the heater and fan will dry wet towels, sheets and trousers faster. The clothesline is also fitted with sanitiser and emits UV rays to kill bacteria and leave your clothes fresh. 

Moreover, it is retractable and easy to adjust with a simple push on the remote control. The clothesline can hold up to 35 kg of wet laundry for 5 to 6 family members. Dry your clothes inside your home in the rainy or winter season comfortably.

  1. Stylish look 

The traditional clotheslines are cumbersome with a dull look. That is different from our indoor wall-mounted clothes line. It looks stylish and doesn’t require much space for installation. But, it has extendable and robust rods to use in hanging clothes. The product blends well with your indoor space and gives a unique look to your home. 

Where to buy smart clothesline in Australia? 

Are you struggling to dry your washing in the winter or rainy season? Make your laundry drying process effortless and convenient with our electric clotheslines. The indoor clotheslines are mountable on the ceiling or wall. The strong lines provide a seamless way of drying clothes inside your home in harsh weather conditions. Buy smart clothesline from Topline Clotheslines to get a seamless experience in clothes drying, irrespective of weather conditions.

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