Everyone faces a tough time doing the laundry at the weekend. The problem worsens during the rainy season with unpredictable weather and frequent rainfall to dry clothes outside. You end up putting wet clothes inside the room and garage to dry. The higher humidity in the air makes your clothes damp and smelly. Clothes become a host of disease-causing bacteria and germs. The water dripping from wet clothes creates an unhealthy environment that puts you and your family in danger. So, the cloth drying problem is real and faced by all families in Australia during the rainy season. 

However, there is a reliable solution to this problem. Buy an indoor electric clothesline to avoid these problems at home. The stylish and advanced clothesline will solve your cloth-drying woes during the rainy and winter season. They are a good fit in small apartments and condos in Australian cities. 


How can a smart clothesline solve your laundry woes? 

Modern clotheslines are better than traditional washing lines in many ways. The old washing lines are bulky and occupy more space in storage. The modern clothesline is stylish and sleek to take up less space in storage to be suitable for small apartments. 

Moreover, they fit well with your home decor to look good to onlookers. They are easy to install anywhere without disturbing the aesthetic appeal of your home. Let us look at the places where you can install smart clotheslines: 


Wall mounted clothesline 

Unlike the traditional washing lines, the wall mounted clothes line enables you to install it on the walls. The wall mounted clothesline will save your floor space and make your room looks tidy. Install the clothesline on the wall of a laundry room, bathroom and garage to declutter your room. The advanced features of an inbuilt fan and electric heater will dry your clothes without harming the fabrics. 


Ceiling mounted clothesline 

If there is no space on the floor and wall, you can buy a ceiling mounted clothesline from us. It will save space and install on your ceiling. You can load a large laundry for your family with just a simple push of a remote-control button. The adjustable height of this washing line enables you to store it when not in use. There will be no clutter on the floor and wall with this clothesline. 


Retractable clothesline 

The most prominent feature of a retractable clothesline is its adjustable height. You can install it on the wall and ceiling at ease. Dry sheets, towels and other clothes easily on the heater for warm air drying and a fan for cool air drying. Moreover, there are many cool features for seamless drying of your clothes inside the room. The best thing is that the clothesline is eco-friendly and consumes less energy on usage. 


Where to buy advanced clotheslines in Australia? 

Topline clotheslines is a renowned source for buying heavy-duty clotheslines in Australia. Whether you live in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney, our advanced clotheslines can solve your laundry woes in the rainy season.

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