With erratic rainfall in Australia, drying clothes in the outdoor space is no longer a viable option. The fear of getting clothes wet in bad weather conditions remains high throughout the year. The absence of open space in urban apartments and condos complicates the laundry problem for dwellers. In this condition, buying an electric clothesline indoor can be an ideal laundry solution. You can dry clothes inside with an electric clothesline fast and effortlessly. There is no need to wait for a good day to wash and dry clothes under the sun.


The necessity of an indoor clothesline in a small apartment 

Is your laundry room becomes a crime scene at the weekend? If yes, you need an indoor clothesline to avoid hanging damp sweaters, soggy swimsuits and towels from where water drip on the floor. Using a clothesline will provide you with enough space to dry light and heavy clothes inside your room. It is a great way to cut the clutter from your room while spending a few bucks on utility bills. 

That is not all. You will enjoy numerous benefits of installing a new clothesline at your home. Here are a few benefits of buying clothesline: 


Dry clothes without compromising on the home decor 

Drying clothes inside the room creates clutter when you don’t have a drying rack. There will be problems in drying jeans, sweaters and other clothes on empty surfaces. The clothesline provides a way to clear the room clutter while drying laundry. The retractable clothes line comes with an extendable feature that means it will occupy space while being used. You can install and store the clothesline without compromising on the home decor. 


Good for fabrics and clothes 

Clothes fade fast by drying them under the sun and heater inside the room. But, the modern clothesline comes with an advanced inbuilt fan for air-cool drying. The laundry won’t be subjected to heat that fades the colour of fabrics. That means the clothing quality and colour will remain intact for a long time. 



The traditional electric cloth dryers are energy savvy. In Australia, the average family spends a significant amount of money per year on an electric cloth dryer for doing laundry 5 times per month. This utility bill, however, can be reduced by installing an eco-friendly and advanced indoor wall mounted clothes line in your home. The advanced clothesline saves electricity and automatically shuts down after three hours. That dries the clothes nicely and minimises power consumption.



Most electric cloth dryer accidents occur due to overheating issues. The traditional clotheslines keep on heating clothes unless the switch is off. However, that is not the case with our modern clotheslines. They come with automatic control features to control the fan and heater. The heater stops after running for three hours continuously. The safety standard of new clotheslines is higher than its previous products. 


Places to install an indoor clothesline 

Are you wondering where to install your new clothesline? You can consider the following places for indoor clothesline installation: 

Laundry room

Shower and above a bathtub


Above the utility sink

Near an open window


Buy an advanced and modern clothesline today!

A smart indoor clothesline may help you to maintain a clean and tidy home while drying your clothes effortlessly. Buy quality and heavy-duty clothesline from us today.