How Topline Clotheslines Can Help NDIS Sector

Did you know that there are over 4 million disabled people in Australia? Yet, how many do you think can function to their utmost efficiency with their permanent or significant disability? However, the highly motivated National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) sector is working in Australia to grant financial and social support to such disabled people.

To give support and promote a functional lifestyle for people with permanent disabilities, NDIS is aiming to provide them with over $22 billion in the form of funding. The harsh reality is that for most people receiving funding from the NDIS, this is the first financial relief package.

While the NDIS is a step in the right direction, we at Topline Clotheslines believe that companies should play a larger part in helping this sector as well. Without negatively impacting their current customers, companies can and should keep the interests of less abled people in mind when designing their products.

Throughout this article, we will explain the challenges that the NDIS has in front of them and how we work to help them lead better lives. This is made to be informative for both prospective buyers and serve as a case study for companies looking to incorporate accessibility into their products.

What are Topline Clotheslines?

Topline Clotheslines is an Australia-based company that specializes in high-tech and innovative clotheslines. We allow for all the benefits of natural clothes drying to be moved indoors without compromising on practicality and utility.

We manufacture clotheslines that are suitable for indoor use. You can take a look at Topline Clotheslines to view the services and experiences of our current customers who opted for our modern clotheslines. So what makes our clotheslines so special?

Well, the answer lies in our advanced technology and the fact that we designed our products to be easily accessible by people with disabilities. Among them count over 4 million disabled people in Australia who can rest assured knowing that clotheslines can be an option for them again.

Our Story

We strive to always keep in mind the needs of the modern consumer. Easy, modern and practical clothes drying solutions are what we bring to the market. 

Topline Clotheslines is an old-fashioned business possessing old-fashioned values but with a modern product. We are striving to work along the NDIS sector to provide a better lifestyle for disabled people and ease the burden of day-to-day chores. Topline carries the vision to enhance the durability of its clotheslines without compromising on their functionality. 

Products from Topline Clotheslines

Ceiling Mounted Clotheslines

We offer ceiling-mounted clotheslines with varying clothes hanging capacity for every budget. The ceiling-mounted clotheslines, Topline 150 Clotheslines, Topline 120 Clotheslines, Topline 80 Clotheslines cater to different capacity needs. All of them cater to disabled people by being able to lower down from the ceiling to be accessible to all, even if you are wheelchair bound, along with their extensive features

Features of Topline’s Clotheslines

The ceiling-mounted clotheslines offer various benefits to our customers and cater to all needs.

Our ceiling-mounted clotheslines contain a heater that can generate both warm and ambient temperature air to dry the clothes as soon as possible in a safe manner. Thus, you can reap the benefits of natural air drying, without having to expose yourself to the whims of the weather which is the main concern with traditional clotheslines.

Another great aspect of the ceiling-mounted clotheslines is that our flagship model includes powerful UV lighting that is capable of sanitizing clothes and materials. This is important to fend off bacteria and viruses, and while not foolproof, it serves as additional protection. As the clotheslines are electrically operated, the UV exposure, heater, and cooling fan can be switched on and off as per your needs. 

Another useful feature that will allow you to use our ceiling-mounted clotheslines is the built-in LED lamps that make these clotheslines usable in any lighting conditions. So, wherever you have electricity and a place to hang them from – you can use them.

Lastly, but certainly not the least important feature is that the clotheslines ascend or descend from the ceiling with the push of a single button. This is the key feature of the ceiling-mounted clotheslines and the most appropriate solution for people struggling with permanent or temporary disabilities like being in a wheelchair or crutches.

The Problem That the NDIS Sector is experiencing

NDIS has taken on the task to support and provide financial relief to half a million disabled Australians. The lack of a proper and adequate workforce to carry out the planning, reviewing, monitoring and provision of funds to disabled people are making the NDIS crumble. However, it stands firm on the grounds of motivation to improve the conditions for disabled people. Despite that, Topline Clotheslines is among the many who are compassionate to the needs of such people and, therefore, offer immense support with innovation and technology embedded into our product design. 

The priorities of NDIS are always considering the changing world while adjusting to the needs of disabled people who are not fit or capable of providing for themselves, at least not at full capacity. And, as the NDIS tries to offer an enormous range of facilities and support to people with disabilities, there are causes for concern.

As mentioned earlier, there are ways to incorporate accessibility into product design, without sacrificing other features of the product, it just requires thinking with the needs of all people in mind.

Ultimately, companies should strive to incorporate accessibility into their product design. We are seeing that done with tech and software products, but less so with traditional physical products. That is where we, Topline Clotheslines, differ from the rest.

How Topline Clotheslines can help the NDIS Sector  

The normal daily tasks such as doing the laundry and clothes drying may be dull chores for most of us, but for people with disabilities, they can become almost impossible. Keeping this in mind, we have worked on creating accessible products for everyone, to help maintain independence. 

Less abled person may might not want to use electrical clothes dryers, for various reasons, such as clothes damage, power consumption and many more. However, for them, traditional clotheslines are not an option. They usually involve manual raising and lowering of the clotheslines which can be impossible for people with disabilities. However, we’ve made our products easily accessible to everyone, and when we say that we mean it.

Features That Can Help Someone in a Wheelchair

Being bound to a wheelchair limits mobility, functionality, and the ability to carry out simple everyday tasks such as washing and drying clothes. However, our clotheslines have multiple features that will make the life of people with disabilities much easier.

Most notably, the first thing to acknowledge is the remote-controlled raising and lowering feature of the clotheslines. This implies that the line can be accessed from a chair or lower height. A person in a wheelchair can easily peg the clothes to the clotheslines and then simply raise them up to the ceiling without having to exert themselves physically. This alone has proven to be extremely helpful for our customers in wheelchairs.

Our clotheslines have a weight capacity of up to 35kg, which equates to approximately 70 garments. Enabling you to hang a couple of loads of washing without any problems.

Despite all the security and stability in the clotheslines, we’ve also included safety switches that will turn off heaters or cooling fans after three hours to prevent overheating. Our clotheslines can also detect obstacles, it will stop ascending/descending if it sensors something in the way, reducing damage to doors left open accidentally.

Why Choose Topline Clotheslines?

We at Topline Clotheslines are simply revolutionizing the way people dry their clothes. We provide a unique product that is both practical and accessible to all people. We care about all customers and make sure that everyone is getting the same value from our products.

We offer extended warranties, wide shipping, and deliveries that make the life of our customers much simpler. 

About Topline Clotheslines

If you are in the market for clotheslines yourself, or you are shopping for a disabled person, you can reach out to Topline’s compassionate and cooperative customer care support members at the helpline 1300 991 266. You can inquire for further details regarding the testing, safety, maintenance, warranties, deliveries, shipping regions, etc.

Topline Clothesline is a new way that allows all people alike to make the laundry drying task effortless while providing all the benefits of traditional air drying. Visit the website if you want to browse the range of clotheslines and accessories that are bound to make your life easier.

We conduct regular testing on our units, to make sure that they are safe to use by our customers. However, if you have any doubts about the quality of your product, feel free to reach out and inquire about it. The professional that installs your system should also conduct tests before putting it into motion but read more below about that.


It is advised that you hire a professional electrician to do the electrical hardwiring and mounting. Due to the various safety features that we have incorporated into our clothesline and the fact that it is suspended above you, it is critical that the installation be professionally conducted and thoroughly tested before putting into use.

Final Thoughts

Making day-to-day lives easier for disabled people, while at the same time offering a practical and easy-to-use product to everyone is truly a dream come true. 

Through our own experience, we realized that thinking in terms of accessibility-first when designing a product doesn’t have to be difficult and we will strive to make lives even easier for people with disabilities in the future.