Leaving your clothes out to dry is a slow process and is limited by the weather conditions outside. Because of that, we’ll entirely skip the “manual” clotheslines and explore a popular alternative that is the traditional clothes dryer appliance and an up-and-coming challenger that is the Topline Clothesline.

What Is a Clothes Dryer?

How Does a Clothes Dryer Work?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably well acquainted with the household appliance that is the clothes dryer. It can either be a separate appliance or bundled as a washing machine and clothes dryer in one.

How Does Clothes Dryer Work?

However, even though you may have used a clothes dryer or seen it work, chances are you don’t know the process behind the magic. The heaters inside the dryer heat up the air, and the clothes are then tumbled through that hot air. This process gradually dries up the clothes, and the mist produced exits the clothes dryer through a vent out of the house.

Pros of The Traditional Clothes Dryer

  • Convenience – The good thing about the clothes dryer is that it is quick and easy to use. You don’t need to spend the whole day waiting for your clothes to dry. Another convenience is that you don’t care about the weather, you can use it whenever.
  • Takes up little space – Unlike hanging your clothes on a line, using a clothes dryer uses up only the appliance area itself.

Cons of Traditional Clothes Dryer?

  • Power consumption – Electricity costs can add up when using a traditional clothes dryer, with some models using more energy than others.
  • Maintenance costs – Dryers require regular cleaning, and the dashboards are known to fail after a few years, which adds to the total running costs of the appliance.
  • Damage to clothes – You probably already know that some types of clothing can’t be dried in a clothes dryer but have to be air-dried. Even if the clothing label permits using the dryer, it’s a well-known fact that air drying is better for your clothes.

Seeing as there are quite a few cons to the traditional clothes dryer, is there a better alternative out there? Well, individual preferences may vary, so we’ll present a popular alternative in Australia.

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Why Topline Clotheslines Are Gaining Popularity Among Australian Homeowners

TopLine 80 Clothesline - Electric Indoor Ceiling Clothesline - Lifestyle  Clotheslines

Topline Clotheslines are hot in Australia at the moment, and with good reason. They offer the best of both worlds, combining the positives of a standard clothes dryer and the traditional clotheslines your grandmother used.

They offer a convenient way to dry your clothes, no matter whether you live in a small apartment or a big mansion, while at the same time reducing the electricity bill. The following section goes over exactly how this is possible.

How Does TopLine Clotheslines Work?

Topline Clotheslines are mounted to the ceiling and can be lowered or raised using wireless remote control. Topline Clotheslines come packed with a heater used for hot air drying and a fan used for cool air drying. They also have all the safety measures you’d expect, such as a safety switch for turning off the fan or heater, and they can detect obstacles and stop descending or ascending.

The Topline Clotheslines come in various shapes and sizes, so no matter your apartment or house size, a model will fit your needs. All the models come with LED lights, so you can fit them anywhere, as long as they’re not exposed to weather conditions. If you decide to opt for the flagship model, the TopLine 150 Clothes Line, you will also get powerful UV lamps to sanitize the laundry.

Pros of Topline Clotheslines

  • Energy saver – Compared to a traditional clothes dryer, the Topline Clotheslines barely use any energy at all while offering much of the same benefits.
  • Powerful UV sanitation – UV sanitation has been used for years for the sterilization of equipment and surfaces. It has proven itself to be effective against bacteria and germs.
  • Convenience – Unlike traditional clotheslines, you don’t need good weather or a balcony, or a lot of space to dry your clothes. All you need is a ceiling, and you’re set.
  • Gentle on the clothes – Not only are Topline Clotheslines gentle on your wallet through the reduced electricity bill, but they’re also gentle on your clothes because they are naturally dried and not tumbled inside a clothes dryer.

Cons of Topline Clotheslines

  • Big upfront investment – Topline Clotheslines are not cheap. They have a variety of features with robust build quality, and the price reflects that. However, you will find yourself paying the Topline Clotheslines off sooner than you expected due to the electricity savings.
  • Installation – Before you can reap the rewards of the electricity savings, you’ll have to hire an electrician to make sure the product is installed correctly. It will hang over your head, after all, so make sure it’s done right.

Which One Is Better For Me?

Without knowing your exact situation, it’s difficult to conclude whether you’re better off with a traditional clothes dryer or a Topline Clothesline. If the electricity bill is a concern, then the later is better. However, many people may be more concerned with the adverse effect traditional dryers have on their clothes, the notorious one being shrinkage.

Furthermore, you can’t put lingerie, sweaters or anything made out of wool in the dryer. If you find yourself manually drying clothes even though you have a clothes dryer, then it’s high time you considered an alternative and got something like the Topline Clotheslines.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right solution for clothes drying is not a small one since it’s something you’ll do at least every week. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right solution that fits your needs. Hopefully, in this article, we’ve cleared some misconceptions about traditional clothes dryers and Topline Clotheslines.

After finishing up this article, you should have all the information you need to choose the right drying solution for yourself.

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