Indoor clotheslines are traditionally thought of as folding drying racks, wall-mounted racks, retractable lines with pegs. They do what they are supposed to: dry clothes. But are they the best option? 

This article will take a comprehensive look at TopLine Clotheslines vs. traditional indoor clotheslines to determine the best option for your needs. 


What Are Indoor Clotheslines?

What are indoor clotheslines?

Indoor clotheslines are used to dry clothes indoors. There are various indoor clotheslines on the market, including wall-mounted drying racks, collapsible racks, and retractable versions. 

How does Indoor Clotheslines work?

Indoor clotheslines work by drying clothes inside on a rack or line. Clothes are hung from a hanger, placed over a rack, or hung on a line using pegs.

Pros of Traditional Indoor Clotheslines

  • Energy Saving: Traditional indoor clotheslines are energy efficient as you are not throwing your clothes into a dryer and pressing a button, ultimately causing your energy bill to skyrocket.
  • Eco-Friendly: Indoor clotheslines reduce your carbon footprint, making it an environmentally conscious choice.
  • Weather: By drying your clothes indoors, you do not have to worry about the elements—no running outside when a sudden downpour hits with indoor clotheslines. 
  • Drying Options: Indoor clotheslines give people who live in apartments with balcony restrictions the option to dry clothes inside. They are helpful for those without a yard or an outside area to hang clothes.

Cons of Traditional Indoor Clotheslines

  • Drying time: Clothes, towels, and blankets can take a long time to dry using traditional indoor clotheslines. 
  • Storage: Most traditional indoor clotheslines are freestanding, so when not in use, you need to find somewhere to store them. 
  • Cumbersome: Traditional indoor clotheslines typically take up a lot of space in your laundry room. If you are doing large loads of laundry, it can be challenging to find the area to hang everything.


What is a Topline Clotheslines?

Topline Clotheslines manufactures state-of-the-art indoor electric clotheslines using smart technology and practical, efficient designs to dry clothes inside. 

How does Topline Clotheslines work?

TopLine Clotheslines is an electric clothes rack that is mounted to the ceiling. 

Once installed, you use a wireless remote control to operate the unit.


There are multiple sizes available, so no matter what size your laundry room is or how many people count on having clean clothes in your home, TopLine has a unit that will fit your needs. 

TopLine's products are designed with safety coming first and foremost. The extensive list of safety features includes: 

  • Motion sensors in the TL150 turn the unit off automatically if the UV lamp is on and movement is detected.
  • Obstacle sensors prevent the unit from lowering if there is anything in the way.
  • A limiting switch ensures the unit lifts no more than 35 kg. 
  • TopLine also has an overheating protection feature that will automatically turn off the unit if there is too much weight or overused. The unit resets after 15 minutes to ensure safety.
  • The TopLine fan and heater will automatically shut off after three hours.

Different Topline Clotheslines Options

TopLine offers three versions of its electric ceiling clothesline: the TopLine 150 Indoor Clotheslines, TopLine 120 Indoor Clotheslines, TopLine 80 Indoor Clotheslines, and the YL031 Manual Wind Ceiling Rail Clothesline

 The TL series ceiling units use a fan to dry clothes with either cool air or warm air.

Wall-Mounted Indoor Clotheslines

TopLine also offers a wall-mounted indoor clothesline that is not electric. With 60 hanger holes and three aluminium alloy dry rods at 2.7m long, it is an excellent option for those looking for a wall-mounted option. This line has the flexibility of being cut to size.

Pros of Topline Clotheslines 

TopLine Clotheslines offer the same benefits that traditional indoor clotheslines do and so much more.

  •  Energy Saver: Electricity is costly. A traditional dryer is one of the reasons your energy bill is so high. A TopLine electric ceiling-mounted clothesline uses a fraction of the energy, keeping more of your hard-earned money in your wallet.
  • Smart Technology: TopLine Clotheslines come with wireless remote control. You can lower ceiling units to your ideal height with a push of a button.
  • UV Sanitation: A built-in UV lamp* kills viruses and bacteria in just 30 minutes. Your laundry is fresh and sanitized, keeping you and your family clean and healthy. *TL150 model only.
  • Safety Features: TopLine designed its clotheslines with a series of safety features, including motion and obstacle sensors, weight limits, and overheating protection. 
  • Cool and Warm Drying Features: TopLine Clotheslines come with a fan and a heater so that you can dry your clothes as you see fit. The fan and heater only run at about only 10 cents per hour, which speeds up your dry time in a cheap, energy-efficient way.
  • Like-New Clothing: Throwing your favourite sweater or pair of jeans in a dryer can have devastating consequences. If you have ever tossed a shirt that shrunk three sizes or had to perform acrobatics to squeeze into jeans because you put them in the dryer, you know what we are talking about. Using TopLine Clotheslines to dry your clothes, especially your most-loved items will help keep them looking brand new (and fitting correctly).

Cons of Topline Clotheslines 

  • Initial Investment: While the initial investment may cost you more than traditional clothes drying racks, TopLine Clotheslines saves you money in the long run with lower energy bills.
  • Installation: Once your TopLine Clothesline is installed, you will wish you ordered it sooner. However, TopLine does recommend that a professional, licensed electrician installs your unit, so that is an added (but well worth it) cost.

Which Clotheslines is better for me?

If you are tired of overpaying for electricity and want an upgrade from traditional drying racks, TopLine Clotheslines is the answer.

TopLine combines thoughtful design and smart technology, completely changing the laundry game when it comes to drying your clothes.

Final Thoughts

Drying clothes is a part of life. It can be difficult and costly or comfortable and energy-efficient. 

TopLine's innovative design is exceptional, and the quality is undeniable. The products are highly-rated and featured across many publications. TopLine Clotheslines is worth the investment if you are looking for an easy, technologically-advanced, energy-efficient way of drying clothes.